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Auf dieser Seite werdet ihr meine FanFiction Geschichten in Englisch finden. Aber eine kleine Warnung: Mein Englisch ist nicht wirklich gut und die Geschichten (in englisch) nicht wirklich zur Veröffentlichung gedacht. Ich habe diese Seite nur eingerichtet für die (englischsprachigen) Leute, die meine Geschichten gern lesen wollen. Diese Seite ist nicht als echte Homepage zum Veröffentlichen von Geschichten gedacht, sondern eher eine Notlösung!

Die Geschichten sind NICHT korrekturgelesen und wahrscheinlich entsprechend holprig! Wer es sich trotzdem antun mag: Ich hoffe, ihr könnt wenigstens verstehen, wasich mit den Geschichten ausdrücken will.

Wer die Geschichten in deutsch lesen will, tut das besser auf meiner "echten" Homepage: SeanAstin-Filmzone


On this side you can find my FanFiction stories in English. But a little warning: My English is not really good and the stories (in English) not really for the publication. I have only arranged this side for the (english-speaking) people who would like to read my stories. This side isn't intended as a real homepage for publishing stories, but rather a makeshift!

The stories are not proof-read and are probably a bit rough! But if you will read them: I hope, at least you can understand what I want to express with the stories and you will like them a little bit.




The Big Death

It began when he was at school. First nobody took it too seriously. An ill teacher only meant that the lessons would be canceled. The weather was wonderful and a long afternoon at the lake seemed to be luring.

But then they started to understand that there was something wrong. They gathered in the hall. In front of a classroom one of their teachers broke down. He didn't move any more. He was dead. And the other teachers weren't much better, too.

But it didn't affected the pupils. They felt helpless, but not ill. Some of them hadn't understood the gravity of the situation yet. They started to play on the hall with an old basketball. Somebody turned a radio on. But the loud music was soon drowned by yelling and cries for help.

He didn't know what he should do. A teacher broke down before his eyes. He bled from eyes and mouth. The last attempt to say something, a desperate clutch to his hand - then he didn't stir any more.

He only stood there and stared at him. He didn't feel fear. Everything was so bizarre. Like in one of these horror films which he loved so much. His Mom didn't want to let him watch them. But sometimes he did it furtively.

The thought of his Mom startled him. What was going on with her? What was become with his Dad? He wanted to go home - immediately. He hesitated for a short moment. He had never left the school without the permission of his teachers. But where were the teachers? Nobody would say him what to do!

On the streets chaos awaited him. Everywhere lay dead, dying adults. Panic and helplessness ruled. Nobody knew what proceeded. Nobody knew what should to do. The traffic had broken down. On a street corner a chemist's shop was burning. And he watched some youngsters who came out of the nearby supermarket, the arms full of cigarettes and booze.

He saw all that - but he didn't really realize it. Only one thought let him run further: home - home, where his Mom would wait for him. And then he stood in front of  the house and he suddenly felt a lump in his throat.

All adults died! ALL OF THEM! Older and younger ones, men and women, mothers and fathers! Only the children and youngsters remained. Did it already reached his home?

His Dad was on work at this time of the day, but his Mom had to be at home. He saw her in his mind: bleeding, the face distorted with pain. And he could do nothing - only to saw her dieing. But maybe she was already quite dead ...

He didn't want to know it. He didn't want to enter the house! But he had no choice. It was the last place which could offer him a little bit shelter.

" Mom? "
He whispered when he entered the house by the back door. His mouth was dry, he hardly dared to breathe. Any minute he reckons on hearing her screams of horror. But everything remained quiet. Too quiet ...

Halting he went through the whole house. In front of every door he stopped for a moment, because of fear what he would find. She would be dead... But then he knew it. The house was empty! She was not here!

Hope spread. If she didn' t lie in the house deadly - if he didn't found her dying, maybe she had found a place to hide. Maybe she was in safety! Then she would survive and come back to him.

It was getting dark. Outdoors it became quiet. And he was still alone. However, suddenly he heard it. There was a noise in the kitchen. He ran upstairs. The light wasn't turned on. But something was there! He listened carefully. It sounded so strange  .... A rustle, a creeping, almost not audible.

He whispered "Mom! Dad? "

But he knew, he won't get an answer. Whatever was there in the kitchen - it weren't his parents. Then, finally, a soft "meow". He exhaled and switched on the light.

" Simmi, " he said. The grey striped cat crept searching by the kitchen. Like every evening she had returned home - but today her bowl was empty. She crept around his legs and miaowed once more. He bent down and took her onto his arms. She felt so soft and warm and she smelt of wood and meadow. He pressed her firmly at his chest, but she struggled against his embrace. She wasn't used this nearness. You know - he was fifteen, and it wasn't cool to cuddle a cat!

Today he needed this nearness. He had to feel, that someone was still alive and belonged to him. That he was not alone in this crazy world.


Days passed and became weeks. He never left the house. He didn't want to know what proceeded there outdoors in the world.

His only company was Simmi. Indeed, she left the house every morning - at least her life still was as usual. But in the evening she came back to him. He fed her.Then he crept away with her under several covers and he tried to find at least a little sleep.

He dreamt every night. These were weird dreams, but they got to keep up a little hope in him. His parents would come back! One day the door would be opend. They would take him in their arms and together they would laugh about all of this. The nightmare would have come to an end!

He knew, it won't happen. His parents would never again stand in front of the door. He was alone! It was time to start with his new life. He had to leave the house! It can't be his safe refuge any longer!

The electricity was failed long ago. At night it was cold and dark. The food was nearly used up, there was only some canned food which he shared with Simmi.

The last night he was frightened by noise from the sleep. Somebody smashed the windows, then he heard steps in the house and loudly voices. He crept away with Simmi on the attic. And he listened like they searched everything. How they took the last what had still remained to him. And what they couldn't need they smashed.

Sometimes later it became quiet again. He ventured from his hiding place and went through the house. Nothing more was left from his home. It was only a cold, empty shell.

The next morning. As usual Simmi left the house.The next evening. Simmi didn't come back! The last member of his family was gone. There was nothing more what still held him here. But, nevertheless, he couldn't go. If he did, he would leave the only one, which remained to him. His memories!

He decided to stay here ... und to wait for the death!


When he awoke next morning, he didn't know where he was. He couldn't even remember his name. It didn't scare him. It didn't amaze him. It was like it was: He was a Nobody from Nowhere.

Aimlessly he walked through the house and rummaged it for some useful things. It was not much. In a wardrobe he found an old backpack. A small pot, some spoons, a cover and a few old shirts which he found on the attic in a chest. In front of the fireplace in the hall lay a picture. The glass was broken. He saw a little family: a man and a woman who held a baby onto her arms. They seemed to be so happy!

He hesitated for a moment, then he wraped the picture into one of the shirts and put it carefully into the backpack. And he left the house and walked down the street without seeing back ...




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